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At Thompson Brooks Incorporated, we build fine homes while supporting our construction process and the project team with detailed accounting, advanced budget and schedule tracking methods, information documentation, green and high-performance building methods and friendly and experienced staff. We build homes in the Bay area. We strongly believe that teamwork is a major key to success. We have assembled an outstanding executive team who oversees all aspects of each project. Each of our executives has built scores of multi-million dollar residences.

By analyzing the construction industry and implementing better methods and attitudes to serve our clients, we built the company we have today. We followed our instincts and created a company that supports honest communication, creative problem solving, and high quality work, and have been rewarded with enthusiastic partnership from employees, designers, subcontractors and clients. Our company spirit and reputation attract the brightest and best in each field. As our clients say: “Thompson Brooks has it all.”

Thompson Brooks is uniquely positioned to offer green building services to our clients. Our business is rooted in sound practices aimed at delivering beautiful buildings that meet our clients’ professional and personal visions. Thompson Brooks exclusively relies on word-of-mouth advertising, proving that client satisfaction is our number one goal.

We are eager to partner with clients and architects who are interested in green design and healthy living. Acknowledging that Earth’s resources are finite, we are proud to build beautiful, durable homes with high energy, water and material efficiency.

Thompson Brooks prefers to join projects early in the design process, to support the architects in designing a project that will meet our clients’ budget, schedule and green building goals. We enjoy working with design teams to creatively resolve design challenges and select appropriate materials, systems, appliances, and fixtures. We look forward to building you a home that will be healthy and enjoyable, respected for its environmental responsibility, and praised for its elegance.

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