our people

One of TBI’s most important assets is our people.  With a diverse staff with years of construction experience, we provide an incomparable level of service to our clients.  All of our staff members go through an in depth background check process.  With this knowledge, our clients can rest assured that all of the project team members can be trusted and are of the highest integrity as they work in their homes.

TBI has a core group of employees who have been with the company for over twelve years and have worked to make the company successful and take pride in the work they do on a daily basis.   We work with a team approach and, on every project, the different facets of the company come together for the same purpose:  a successful project and a satisfied client.  From the accounting department providing accurate and timely financial reports, the project management team managing the project on daily basis, the on-site construction staff overseeing all day-to-day aspects of the construction project as it progresses, to the upper management staff providing guidance and support for all project team members, TBI has the formula to success.

We provide our employees with a competitive salary, great benefits and a flexible and friendly work environment.  In turn, our employees take pride in their work and we do not have high employee turnover.  For our clients, this level of job satisfaction of our employees is reflected in their completed project.

TBI People