Judith Thompson, CEO/Founder

Judith’s background is diverse; she has a bachelor’s degree in fine art, a master’s degree in education and psychology. She worked as a licensed painting contractor for 13 years and studied architecture for three years at California College of Arts and Crafts. She brings her love and understanding of art and architecture to Thompson Brooks.

In order to maintain personal participation in all projects, Judith attends each weekly site meeting and walk-through for every project. Additionally, Judith holds a weekly in-house meeting to discuss budget, schedule and current issues with each project manager and superintendent before the site meeting.

As TBI has grown, Thompson has maintained her focus on client relationships. “I am dedicated to working with our clients. I spend much of my energy communicating directly with them. I want everyone to be in touch and understand each other as the project progresses. Having a principal directly involved on a regular basis sets us apart from our competition.”

Judith Thompson Profile