our process

TBI typically negotiates contracts: We charge the actual cost of the contract plus a fee that’s a percentage of the job. TBI solicits fixed bids from the subcontractors, only after carefully instructing them on their scope. Our goal is: Everything is very clear and we know who is responsible for what. Everyone knows where a project stands at all times.

“Because we operate in this straightforward manner and readily share all information with our clients, we engender an enormous sense of trust.”

Pre-construction and Planning

TBI provides a full range of pre-construction services which include:

  • Working out code and permit problems.
  • Examining structural issues.
  • Helping the team work out details and choose materials.
  • Estimating a job.
  • Value engineering.
  • Project management.

“We prefer to be part of a project team, working in tandem with the architect from the start. This way we can provide a global perspective and complete picture of a job.”

Maintaining Accountability

TBI keeps clients informed through a variety of simple reports and photos available on a secured website, e-mail, or on paper.

These include:

  • Weekly site meetings attended by Thompson
  • Meeting Minutes, which includes project status, RFI’s, submittals, and purchasing logs
  • Job Costing Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Digital Photos of Work in Progress
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